Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Daisy Scout Vest Patch Placement

Amazon is the drug!

With monstrous late (but I had them all on vinyl, ORPO!) I've begged: What about

: First Circle (the song) is one of the masterpieces of this undisputed master! Praise is a idilio and the entire disk looks like a hand to the sky!

Pat alone in acoustic version: The disc is ideal for travel, get lost, find each other. Rarefied atmosphere, great love for the homeland of this giant of the guitar that, in this case, do you really think that more expressiveness and lyricism to pure technique. A must, in my opinion, from Ascoli when your ass eats a lot but just to find peace and let your mind wander over the miseries of the world.

Another hard to travel: HUGE finally released a live version cheap! It contains so many masterpieces that makes me want to cry: Travels, Are you going with me, San Lorenzo. The Pat Metheny Group in all its splendor in the frame (live) and maybe it brings out more!
Finally I can listen back to where, how, when and what I want!

Frank Zappa. Live. Need I say more? All the madness of the brilliant composer of "A lot of Shit" is here in a mix of ideas and moods that go well beyond the rock and were the seeds of so much music that came after (Elio e le Storie Tese, in my humble opinion, the court of King hoe you are very much inspired by Zappa, nothing but rock crazy!)

The Russian Circle. The CD has not arrived yet, so maybe we'll talk then. I've heard on the radio and I liked so much groped a purchase blindly ... I'll let you know as soon as I heard properly.

Then, since not only music field, I am also took the first set of Romanzo Criminale is a show! Historical reconstruction of the setting just perfect (for me that many of the 80's I remember those machines, kitchen formica, clothes are weird heart skipped a beat)
young and talented actors, good director and good script. Dialogues in Roman spectacular and with a terrible side effect: the more I look and talk worse! , P
vidittela If you have not seen that it is nice to say "here is the series they made in Italy!" The historical truth is
distorted and obviously fictional, but the arguments are real contour (Moro kidnapping, murder of Georgiana Masi) and also the many references to real Magliana gang are so well placed and well made that is worth having to watch the series and again!

... you know what a kidney is assessed on the used market?


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